Security SLAs for multi-cloud applications: the MUSA SLA Composition approach

Cloud security is still considered one of the main inhibitors for the adoption of cloud-based solutions in many environments. The perception of lack of security is given by the loss of control that a cloud service customer (CSC) has over the cloud services: What exactly are the security measures adopted by the cloud service provider (CSP)? How to verify the effective enforcement of the security policies declared by CSPs?

MUSA – a multi-cloud security framework that supports the DevOps approach

The development of multi-cloud applications composed of components deployed over infrastructures that are provided by different and independent Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) is a challenging task, particularly when security requirements play a major role, because at the state of the art, existing development environments hardly support their definition, monitoring and enforcement.

The MUSA project sets out to develop an integrated toolchain that provides exactly these missing features, while supporting a DevOps approach.

Security of health applications, and transparent procurement of cloud services for Multi-Cloud health environments

As a Data Centre operator we are acutely aware of the governance and technical requirements for hosting health data in the cloud. The emergence of digital health technologies have seen an uptake in cloud services within this domain. Around 100,000 mobile health apps are currently available across multiple platforms on the global market. (