MUSA Project is now part of the Special Interest Group of the STRATEGIC project. The STRATEGIC Special Interest Group is a group of the EU research project STRATEGIC (a Service Distribution Network and Tools for Interoperable Programmable, and Unified Public Cloud Services). STRATEGIC is funded by the EU and its purpose is to promote the adoption and utilization of cloud computing within the public sector.

STRATEGIC has put forward a framework that aids public sector organizations in the creation of cloud services and also enabling existing services to run in the cloud. Cloud enabled services through STRATEGIC can be made available to a marketplace which already accounts for more than 80 services and can be reused by public organizations across Europe. Both public and private cloud infrastructures are supported in order to cover all areas of need.

As a part of STRATEGIC Special Interest Group, we have direct access to information about STRATEGIC and also the opportunity to utilize, assess and influence the results of STRATEGIC as it is still in its pilot phase. STRATEGIC will also offer access to important cloud computing materials (including best practices and tutorials), participation in networking events with top companies, research institutes, public organizations across Europe.

For detailed information about STRATEGIC Project, visit this link