The MUSA Consortium organised a workshop at the premises of CA Technologies in Central London on 11th March 2016 between the Data Centre Alliance (DCA), Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

The meeting was organised to help the MUSA consortium to ascertain data on cloud service providers, in relation to the services they offer, the security controls they apply, and their respective service level agreements.

The consortium require this data to demonstrate the principle of decision support tools in the context of multi-cloud deployments.

Erkuden Rios, Project Manager of MUSA said “In the future Digital Single Market, where the cloud offers to choose will be many more than today, we will need tools to guide the offer selection based not only on functionality but also on security features. The market cannot rely only on Cloud Service Providers federating their offers; multi-cloud is the future.”

Steve Hone of the DCA said “Having the Cloud Service Providers offers categorized in a standard way will be beneficial for the cloud market, particularly for those SMEs that want to make a difference in the market”.

Breda Beyer of the Cloud Industry Forum said “In SLALOM project we have already worked in a Cloud SLA specification that sets the basic clauses for characterizing the cloud offer.”