Venue: TQ Amsterdam, Netherlands

MUSA project is currently participating in the ongoing CloudWATCH Europe 2017 summit ( taking place in the TQ Building in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The year’s event is aimed towards enabling innovation, research and growth in the ICT for the Digital Single Market. The event will provide opportunity for policy makers, SMEs and Startups about how cloud computing could enable the expected growth towards achieving the digital single market in EU. In particular, the summit will also provide EU funded R&D projects with ideas and guidelines of how to make their project results and solutions “market-ready” and thus bringing about the possibility of creating SMEs and startups from EU project results. MUSA project will seize the opportunity of being at the workshop to meet with Cloud DevOps, Cloud SMEs and Cloud application developers to present the MUSA framework, MUSA tools and also identify other areas of security needs and collaboration.

CloudWATCH 2017

MUSA partners during the CloudWATCH Europe 2017 summit

MUSA project also organized the DPSP cluster workshop ( in Amsterdam on 19th September, 2017. Seven projects from the cluster made project presentation sand also showed demos of their project results. The projects are  MUSA, RESTASSURED, SWITCH, PRISMACLOUD, UNICORN, PAASWORD and TREDISEC.