MUSA Project was presented during the 2017 edition of the Cloud & DevOps World event which was held in excel, London from 13-15 June. Cloud & DevOps World was part of TechXLR8,  where relevant technology stakeholders including industry’s leading technologists and innovators met to discuss and present most recent advances in cloud innovation, DevOps, containers, serverless architecture, regulation, cloud management micro services and much more.

Dr. Antonio M. Ortiz presented the MUSA project in the Business Transformation Track, detailing the main project challenges, the technologies and tools that are being developed in the project. The presentation focused on the MUSA tools, raising great interest from the audience to be applied in diverse multi-cloud application scopes.

Following the presentation, the discussion concentrated on how the MUSA tools (specifically the MUSA Risk Analysis and Decision Support Tools) are able to deal with private and public clouds, and how the MUSA Security Assurance Platform is able to adapt to different cloud providers and to the specific needs of multi-cloud applications. This has enhanced the dissemination and exploitation of the project and will also promote future commercialization of the project results.

Thank you.