This deliverable presents the initial version of the MUSA Framework including the result of the continuous integration of the MUSA tools developed in WP2, WP3 and WP4. It describes the integration between the MUSA tools and presents the outcomes resulting from the whole MUSA Framework implementation. In order to address the integration of the MUSA tools, the project has considered the agile nature of the multi-cloud application development approach promoted by MUSA as well as the multi-disciplinary DevOps team being the main user of the MUSA Framework. Therefore, the project has implemented a centralized binding mechanism (MUSA Dashboard) that handles the interactions between the MUSA tools and presents the MUSA Framework as a unified solution. In addition, the document describes the MUSA Framework infrastructure required for the deployment of the MUSA tools. The deliverable is accompanied by the initial version of the tool prototypes integrating the MUSA framework, including the MUSA Dashboard, which are already available in project repositories.