Tampere University of Technology

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Tampere University of Technology (TUT) conducts scientific research in technology and architecture and provides the highest education within these fields. The University operates in close collaboration with business life and other facets of society and produces high-standard services within its range of tasks. TUT is Finland’s most international university when evaluated according to the number of visiting researchers. Established in 1965, the University has grown to become a significant influence on technology in Finland and abroad. TUT plays a pivotal role as an advocate of business life, internationalization and well-being in the Tampere region and western Finland as a whole. The University is the fifth largest employer in Tampere. The FAST-Lab (Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems) has a history of participation in research activities and initiatives under different international research collaboration umbrellas, incl. EU FP5 (Assembly-NET), EU FP6 (EUPASS, RI-MACS, SOCRADES), ITEA (SODA), ARTEMIS (eSONIA, ASTUTE, eScop), EU FP7 (AESOP, SelfLearning, PlantCockpit, URB-Grade) etc. Contract research activities for Finnish and foreign technology leader companies demonstrate the technology transfer capacity of the group and the level of research and resources.